Thursday, July 30, 2009

I read FOUND by Margaret Peterson Haddix
FOUND is the first book in the Missing Series.
Jonah and Chip never hung around together until they learn they have something in common, being adopted. When they receive mysterious letters and their parents do not have a lot of information about where they came from. Jonah and Chip go looking for answers by themselves. What they find makes wonder if they should wish they could return to being normal thirteen-year-old boys playing basketball in the driveway.
I have read many science fiction/fantasy/mystery books. Lot of the books I have read you can guess what is going to happen. With FOUND that is not the case.FOUND is an exciting book to read Margaret Haddix keeps you in suspense. Just when you think you have it figured out she takes you by surprise. I am excited to see what mystery She has next for us.The second book in the Missing Series is SENT it should come this fall Aug/Sept.

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